Silly Emirates

I got to my LAX gate a tad earlier than I expected, so I decided to use up valuable battery life to tell you a little story.

Early this morning (well, late last night), I had this urge to check into my flight online. Don’t know why, I just did. So I went to Emirates’ website and was like, “Yo, browser. Check me in.” But in Arabic, the site shook its head feverishly, “No, fool, your itinerary doesn’t exist.”

I was quite taken aback. Two reasons, one: It called me “fool.” Two, and probably more importantly: I didn’t have tickets.

How did this happen?! My flight’s in 8 hours and I don’t have tickets? I paid for them! Just my luck. Not even in Karachi yet and I’m already getting robbed.

I called Emirates and some Indian girl picked up. I tried to keep my cool because she was being so helpful, but I had to throw the smack down. “Yo, where be my tickets!”

Turns out, the system canceled them because I had reserved too many times and the system got confused which tickets I had actually bought. Dumb system. Luckily though, I was able to find the same departure tickets from the site, for the same price.

However, all the economy tickets on the return flight back to LAX were sold out leaving me with only the option of arriving in Los Angeles five hours later than I wanted. But to compensate, the nice lady offered me a free hotel, food and transport during my longer stay in Dubai. But I gave her a counter offer — I noticed there were a few remaining business-class tickets so I was like, “Yo, how about upgrading me to Business, no charge?” And guess what she did!

She said no.

Ah well. It was worth a shot! The hotel’s called Copthorn. I wonder if it’s super fancy! Okay I’m out. Gotta mentally prepare for this 15 hour flight. see u.

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