NFL Week 15: Saints at Vikings

Remember how last week I told you Saints tend to under perform against non-marquee teams? Well, Titans nearly won that game in the final seconds last week. And today’s game (at 2-11 Vikings) is another great example of a non-marquee team. A horrible team. A team that has nothing to lose. And because they have nothing to lose, the Saints will have to work that much harder to make sure they don’t make silly mistakes. Especially since Adrian Peterson is [for some reason] in the backfield again. Luckily for the Saints though, it’s an indoor game, and the Saints love the indoors (it’s high 30s outside the dome in Minneapolis).

Keys to the game: Saints D have to stop Adrian Peterson, Saints D can’t give up the big pla against the sometimes explosive Christian Ponder, Saints O-line have to stop Jared Allen, Saints O have to dominate the passing game. Vikings may be a 2-11 team, but they’re exactly the kind of team Saints like to lose to.

This will be the last weekend I’ll be watching live games in the States until half way through the playoffs as next week I’ll be in Chicago, the week after that I’ll be in Tokyo and the two weeks after that I’ll be in Karachi (Inshallah!). Happy that I’ll be traveling the world once again, but bummed that I’ll be missing HD. Don’t worry, I’ll have be watching Saints/Laker games with a Slingbox at 2 am! But now picks:

I did much¬†better than I thought last week, went 12-4. This week, however, I might have made some dumb picks. But we’ll see about that.

If there is only one game you can watch this weekend, make sure, MAKE SURE, you watch the afternoon game on CBS: Patriots at Broncos. I love Tim Tebow and secretly want to marry him. He’s such a fun guy to watch, root for and make fun of all at the same time. But Tom Brady is in town. I don’t know why, but I’m choosing against Tom Brady. Partly because Patriots suck. Broncos defense is better than Patriots offense I feel, and Patriots defense is horrendous. It’s the game of the week in my eyes. Forget watching the 10-3 matchup with Steelers and Niners tomorrow night, it’s Patriots at Broncos that are most important!

But keep an eye on the result tomorrow night. If Big Ben plays, Steelers could win, and if Steelers win, Saints will be #2 in the NFC getting a Bye in January. Go for it Pittsburgh! I love San Francisco, but I’m rooting against you this weekend.

Enjoy the games. see u.

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