NFL Week 14: Saints at Titans

I’ll make this post quick because I’m writing using slow Internet in a drafty lodge up in Big Bear Lake, Calif… with a mouse lingering in the fire place.

Today’s matchup puts the Saints outdoors in 50-degree weather inĀ TennesseeĀ against the Titans. While the Saints are a perfect 6-0 in the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, they’re a mediocre 3-3 on the road, losing twice outdoors (the last time they played outdoors was almost two months ago!).

Today’s game will be the last Saints’ outdoor game until the playoffs, it will be a good test as the Saints will most definitely need to play outdoors in the playoffs in order to reach the Super Bowl: against either the Niners or Packers (though I foolishly predicted that the Giants would beat the Packers in Lambeau in the second round, then on the same day the Saints would beat the Niners in New Orleans as the Saints would get the second seed, then the following week the Saints would play the Giants at home in the NFC Championship game).

Chris Johnson finally has been doing a better job running the ball, and run defense is a bit of a Saints weakness. Secondary is also a bit weak, and Matt Hasselbeck knows full well about that. It’s the Saints’ first non-prime time game in a couple weeks, and that too against an average team. Saints love the spotlight and love playing against good teams (that’s when they perform the best), however, this game has neither.

But the Saints have to perform just as strongly as they have as of late. If they do, they’ll have the Vikings next week and the Niners will have to host the Steelers (though Pittsburgh is beat up), and if the Saints win again and the Steelers beat the Niners, the Saints and Niners will both be 11-3 and the Saints would be that much closer to grabbing the second seed with only two games left in the season.

I’m recording this game to watch tonight, so no one ruin it for me! Go Saints!

There are some interesting games today. If the Texans beat the Bengals and my Saints beat the Titans, the Texans will win the AFC South and go to the Playoffs for the first time in team history. The NFC Wild Card teams will also become more clear after today as the Falcons are playing their rival Panthers and the Giants and Cowboys are facing off on Sunday night (they will also play again in three weeks). And can Tebow win again? This time against an injured Bears team? Some very fun games today. So enjoy! see u.

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