NFL Week 13: Lions at Saints

What’s better than a great primetime Saints game? Another primetime Saints game the very next week!

The Saints manhandled the Giants last week in New Orleans, and tonight they’ll get to show off to the nation again, but this time against the Lions. Detroit will be without the dirty Suh after he kicked a Packer while down like the disgusting bag that he is. Too bad though, because I was really looking forward to the Saints O-line stopping him. Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait until next year for that because they won’t make it to the Playoffs next month. Get ready for the Lions implode.

It won’t be as simple of a game as it was last week, the Lions actually have a good offense. They may not be the rest running team in the league, but with Stafford throwing to Calvin Johnson, anything is possible. It’ll be a great test for the Saints secondary, which has been the only reason why these Saints aren’t the best in the NFC… yet. It’s going to be a great game, even the NFL agrees — that’s why they moved the matchup to primetime and dropped the Colts/Patriots back to an early start! Sunday Night Football, on NBC! GO SAINTS! Now picks.

I’m keeping steady at 71%. It’s respectable but I’m not totally happy with it. We’ll see how this week treats me.

The games I’ll be paying attention to in the early slot are Bengals/Steelers, Broncos/Vikings and Falcons/Texans. But mostly Tebow. He won’t be able to get it done if he pushes the Broncos to the Playoffs, but won’t it be fun watching to see if he does?

Then of course, the afternoon game which could either be great or the most boring and sad game of the day, Packers/Giants. I honestly think the Giants will put up a big fight, I nearly picked them to win. I hope they do, so Saints are that much closer to a No. 1 seed, but I don’t see it happening. It’ll be a fight though.

Tomorrow night’s game is a fun matchup. But only because both teams could be moving to LA in a couple years! The Chargers are the most likely team, but the Jags are possible too. A Pakistani-born Muslim dude (a Khan) bought the team earlier in the week. He’s a big football fan and is from Illinois. He says he won’t be moving the Jags out of Jacksonville, but who knows for sure. Jags also fired the coach Del Rio earlier the same day they announced Khan would be buying the team. I’d welcome the Jags with open arms to LA. Galpin will no doubt sponsor it! Okay that was a very dumb joke. Enjoy the games. see u.

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