NFL Week 12: Giants at Saints

Monday Night Football! It’s going to be great. It’ll be the Saints’ first Monday Night Football game this year (they will also play against the Falcons the night after Christmas during Monday Night), and that too against the tough NFC leader.

At the moment, however, Dallas is a half-game ahead of the Giants for the top-spot in the NFC East, and surely after tomorrow night, the Cowboys will sit alone atop the East (with two games against the Cowboys coming up, plus a game against the Packers, Jets and rival Redskins). It doesn’t look good for the Giants. Even moreso because they’re injured. But everyone will say, if the Giants want to prove they’re the NFC East leaders, the journey will start in New Orleans tomorrow night.

But New Orleans has a different look on things of course. The Saints are currently number one in their NFC South, but are looking elsewhere around the NFC, particularly to their former division of forever NFC West, and their former rivals the San Francisco Niners (I write this in San Francisco – Bay Area by the way). They lost Thursday night against their brother Baltimore Ravens. The older Harbaugh handed his little brother his team’s second loss of the year, and now the Saints, if Monday yields a win for them, will be only a game behind the Niners, and thus will give them a first week Bye in the Playoffs.

So while the Giants are playing for the playoffs, the Saints are playing for that Bye, coming off a Bye of their own. And while the Giants tend to alternate their wins and losses per week, the fresh Saints with a rested Sean Payton is too tough of a match for the Giants to beat, even moreso with the Saints’ Dome Field Advantage down in the Mercedez-Benz Superdome!

Now picks!

I was on fire last week — maybe this whole ‘not watching the games’ is working? Well let’s try it again. Last week was the auto show, today’s the Bay Area (I’m watching parts of the morning games, but that’s it, will be out in the afternoon, unfortunately, not watching the Bears who are visiting Oakland today).

Games to pay attention to? A couple of former ‘SC Quarterbacks (the USC UCLA game is DVR’d at home! so SHHH) — Can Sanchez and the Jets bounce back? And can Leinart lead the Texans to the Playoffs? How about Tebow in San Diego! Great weekend, folks. Enjoy! see u.

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