NFL Week 11

Saints aren’t playing today, and thus not only is the team’s football weekend going to be that much more boring, but mine and the rest of the nation’s will be too. There are only maybe three fun games for non-fans this weekend. Three of 14 is pretty pathetic (which, correct me if I’m wrong, has kind of been the trend this season? Maybe it’s because the AFC is boring). Good thing the USC/Oregon game last night was super exciting or else maybe football fans may not have shown up to work come Monday.

But, a dumb NFL weekend isn’t too bad though since Thanksgiving is only 100 hours away and with it comes food and football all day long (I’ll be making turkey burgers for the first time… I’ve never been a fan of the turkey gobble gobble). And the Saints will make their return to the season, and this time be featured on Monday Night, at home, against the Giants! A fight for the 2nd and 3rd NFC seed! But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, that’s next week, let’s take a look at the few exciting games for this weekend:

  1. One of the three games that was pretty exciting already ended, Thursday Night’s Jets at Broncos. I picked the Broncos (see previous post’s comment!) to win a game that not many thought they would win! It was a snoozer up until the final 6 minutes of the game in which Mr. Tim Tebow worked his magic and won the game!
  2. The second of the exciting weekend games will be kicking off later today in Chicago, with the Bears hosting the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have been deteriorating as the season has progressed, almost the opposite of years past when they deteriorate in the beginning of the season to only surge back… and miss the playoffs. But this year, every team in the AFC West is either tied for first place or is one game behind first place. So while no one outside of San Diego thinks they’ll win their division (but maybe people down there also don’t think they’ll win), they have a shot.
  3. The last exciting game of the weekend is not even really exciting since Michael Vick won’t be playing in New York against the Giants tonight in primetime. Now, I say that from others’ points of view, because I don’t find Michael Vick the least bit exciting. I find him annoying and stupid. I hate watching him play. But conversely, I love watching Tebow play so go figure.

You know what, scratch the Eagles at Giants being exciting. I’m going to kick them off the list and hope the MLS championship game featuring the LA Galaxy will get more viewers (as if). Instead, I’ll boost the early game, Bengals at Ravens, to the exciting games list.

  1. Rookie Quarterback who looks wonderful versus a sad and pathetic Ravens team which won’t even have Ray Lewis to inspire them. Both offense and defense of the Bengals will be better than their opponents and the Bengals will sit atop the AFC North with the Steelers, yet Steelers will have first place because they beat the Bengals last week.

Ahhh, that feels better. Now for the boring picks:

I hit 100 last week, which means I’m averaging about 10-4, about 70%. That surprisingly isn’t that bad, considering I had a bad series of games Weeks 6-9. 6-9 is rough. Anyway, have fun this weekend folks. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to head out to the LA Auto Show. I have a date with an Audi A3. see u.

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  1. modenadude says:

    Lions. Cowboys. Niners.


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