NFL Week 10: Saints at Falcons

Now starts the real part of the season for the Saints. In their final 8 weeks of the season, they will have one Bye, face three division rivals, and play two other teams who they may face in the playoffs (but I predict they’ll play one of those teams in the first round and beat them at home).

Luckily for the Saints though, all of those pivotal games will be at home… except for the match today, against the team that has been money at home in the Matt Ryan-era. Saints are a different team on the road. I mean, they lost to the Bradford-less Rams on the road a few weeks ago. And Vilma is out again this week. Julio Jones of the Falcons is active, so Saints have to make sure they keep it up on defense. Offense is of course no worries for the Saints, especially in a big game, but the O-line has to block Abraham. Oh man I hate him. If the Saints don’t make any silly mistakes or any silly turnovers today, it’s very possible for the Saints to run the table.

Now picks.

This weekend is very peculiar. Because the Raiders played the Chargers (well) on Thursday night, there are only three late games today with 10 early games. A lot of the snoozers are in the early slot, so that makes the late games that much more fun. Lions at Bears, Giants at Niners and Patriots at Jets will be the only games anyone cares about. All three will be great.

A few games to look out for in the early slot though are Steelers at Bengals (can Andy Dalton get it done against a Steelers team coming off a bad loss?). Bills at Cowboys (can the Cowboys start their bounce back against the Bills?). Broncos at Chiefs (can Tebow keep the Broncos in the AFC West race?). Jags at Colts (will they finally get a win?!).

Enjoy the games everyone. see u.

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  1. modenadude says:

    Broncos. Yah I said it.

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