NFL Week 9: Bucs at Saints

I’m going to make this one quick because it’s Eid (Eid Mubarak by the way) and I just got back from prayer and the game starts in like 5 minutes. Notes for the game: DO NOT do what you did last week when you lost to a winless Rams team. That team wasn’t the Saints. That play calling by Pete Carmichael (because Payton was still upstairs) was just horrible. Nothing like the Saints. Saints are pass-first, not run-first. You can’t run on the first two downs and expect miracle after miracle by Drew on 3rd.

Also, make sure you stop the run, please? You’re 24th in the league. So stop the run! Winner of the game sits atop the NFC South, so win.

Vilma isn’t playing today, so the defense will look confused today. He’s their anchor. Last time Vilma didn’t play (in the Houston game), scores were in the 40s because the Saints couldn’t keep the Texans off the field. So make sure you pay extra attention on defense today and don’t allow big plays against the young Buc team.

Now the picks!

I won’t talk about them because kick-off is seconds away! GO SAINTS!


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  1. modenadude says:

    Let the records show that it’s nearly 5 hours before the first Thursday Night Football game between the Raiders and Chargers and I am picking the Chargers.

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