NFL Week 7: Colts at Saints

Look at those records. The Colts have no win on the season… so today is not going to even be a challenge for the Saints in primetime. Sure, the Saints got their second loss of the season last week, handed to them happily by the division rivals Tampa Bay Bucs… but I think that was mostly because tight end Jimmy Graham fell onto Coach Payton early in the first quarter. Payton coached from the bench for the remainder of the first half, but he never returned to coaching in the second half.

That’s not so much as an excuse as it is a reason why the Saints weren’t themselves last week. Makes some wonder about Brees, but I knew it didn’t have as much of an effect on him as it did on the rest of the team. Payton has a presence on the sidelines, a presence few other coaches possess. After having a successful surgery on Monday, coach still hasn’t recovered enough so that he can chill on the sidelines, so he’ll be up in the box in the newly coined Mercedez Benz Superdome against the Colts tonight. If Peyton Manning were on the other side of the field tonight, it might have posed a problem… but not against Curtis Painter… *laughs*. They’re favored by 13.5 points. Just don’t choke, Saints. Please?

Now to the picks!

Saints aren’t playing until night time, so I’ll have a lot of fun with NFL Sunday Ticket and the split screen! Today’s games are very interesting as five¬†six teams will start new coaches. The Redskins, Seahawks, Broncos, Raiders and Vikings (and Rams) will start second stringers. Some because of injury (Seahawks and Raiders) while the rest just hate their starters. I think Whitehurst is better than Jackson up in Seattle so it won’t hurt them, and I think Tebow will ignite the Broncos in Miami after the city celebrates Tebow’s return to south Florida… haha.

Otherwise, the only things to look out for today are Chargers / Jets (after Ryan accidentally dissed Turner in interviews), Bears facing the Bucs in London, Carson Palmer’s-almost first start with the Raiders and two Super Bowl rematches… yet a team from both rematches is missing its starting quarterback from that game so they won’t be rematches at all and instead be snoozers.

I had a crappy record last week, so let’s hope I show up this Sunday, a third of the way through the regular season. Enjoy the games, folks. see u.

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