NFL Week 6: Saints at Bucs

Now this is football: Saints at Panthers last week and Saints at Bucs this week. Division rivalries pack a lot of energy and heat into four quarters. Last Sunday, Roman Harper was fined just $15,000 for hitting Steve Smith late in the endzone (so worth it), and a brawl broke out. I hope something like that happens this week, because the Saints need to get angry. Their defense is just okay, and they need so more umph in order to be somewhat close to their Super Bowl defense from a couple years ago.

Looking towards today’s late match-up, the Saints visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to finish off their three-game road trip. The Bucs were blown out in San Francisco last week, 48-3. That’s hard to swallow if you’re Tampa Bay. And because of that, they were definitely working day and night to make sure the same doesn’t happen this week against an offensive beast like New Orleans.

But I won’t be watching the Saints’ offense this week, I’ll be keeping an eye on the defense. Even though Tampa Bay is second in the NFC South (behind first place Saints), they’re rated in the bottom-third in offense stats. So if the Saints let Josh Freeman complete big plays and pick that secondary apart, we’ll know the Saints will have major problems moving forward. They allowed some big plays last week against Cam Newton, but that was Cam Newton, I highly doubt the same will happen this week.

I went a respectable 10-3 last week. But in all honesty, I don’t know how respectable any of my picks are when my Mom, who doesn’t watch even a second of football, picks her own teams, 11 of which coincide with my own picks. That’s what happened this morning when I asked her about today’s games. If just one of those two other picks of hers win today, I will feel really foolish studying games when she can just decide she wants Buffalo to win at Giants because she likes buffalos.

There’s a great slate of games today. The surprising 49ers venture out to Detroit to take on the undefeated Lions, the Giants host a team that no one thinks is for real (even after beating the Patriots) the Buffalo Bills, the Eagles trying to win their first game since winning opening day at St Louis, today against the Redskins; Tony Romo proving his manliness against the New England Patriots and a great division rivalry between the Vikings and Bears!

I feel my picks are mostly pretty solid, but there are a few that are kind of crazy. Niners over Lions (that Niner defense is really good), Giants over Bills (Giants flop week-to-week, and this is the week they return), Skins over Eagles (Eagles suck major, and Vick will get eaten on the road), Cowboys over Patriots (the bye week will help the confused Cowboys beat a super overrated Patriot team) and Bears over Vikings (Vikings suck, and Bears suck less).

Have a great day of watching games everybody (if you’re even reading this… I’ll try to get less footbally stuff here soon, just been so busy with work. Hey! I’ll talk about that!), see u.

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