NFL Week 5: Saints at Panthers

This game is gonna be a snooooooozer (still a fun game, but it’s going to be a blow out). Even though we have idiots out there calling for the Panther upset (ahem, Colin Cowherd), the Panthers really don’t stand a chance against their division rival Saints.

For the Saints, this is going to be the second game of a three-game road trip (finishing off at Tampa Bay, the young team that is tied with the Saints for first place in the NFC South, before they come back home to the newly coined Mercedes Benz Superdome!). The Saints were a little sloppy last week as Drew Brees threw two picks, but it was their running game and defense that pushed them 31-10 over the weak Jaguars.

While their foe this Sunday is just 1-3, they are arguably the scariest 1-3 team in the league. The rookie Cam Newton is averaging 335 passing yards per game (this third place standing could be due to them constantly playing from behind this season) and their defense has held opponents to around 200 yards per game (6th in the league).

One of the main reasons the Saints couldn’t win the NFC South last season is because they had a handful of silly losses throughout the season, including losses to the Browns and Cardinals (remember that Hitler video on that one?). But the Saints also lost 2 games in their division. While neither of those losses were against the Panthers, the Saints have to realize that winning in the NFC South is going to be quite difficult yet again. The start of the second quarter of the season is the NFC South opener for New Orleans, so Sean Payton and the rest of them have to play their best in order to grab the top spot in the NFC South and eventually the last ones standing in the NFC.

Now to the picks.

Well I finally didn’t go 12-4 last week! I went 11-5. Hm. That’s pretty good considering I had some crazy bonehead picks.

Week 5 is the first week that teams will start getting Bye weeks, so that means the Ravens, Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams and Redskins get to watch football from their couches today. And that means the worst I can do this week is 0-13. Yay!

I didn’t get to watch any film this week (started a new job) so these picks are purely gut decisions. To start with, I’m picking the Bills over the Eagles at home, even though they stunk it up in┬áCincinnati┬álast week. But the Eagles gave up a huge lead against the Niners last week themselves and I feel the Eagles just haven’t gotten the hint yet that they’re going to suck major this year. They lose.

The death of Al Davis was a shocking blow around the league. He was a man who did a lot for the NFL, and it could be argued he did a heck of a lot more for the Bay Area than that other great man did who died this week. The Raiders play in Houston today, and if Al Davis was still alive, I would have picked the Texans to win… but even though Al Davis was a very misunderstood individual, his players will remember him as they play down there. His players will win for him.

I want the Niners to beat up the Bucs at home this week so the Saints own the sole spot atop the NFC South. It may be difficult because the Bucs are a good, young team. However Jim Harbaugh is doing something very interesting up in the Bay this year. I say the Niners stop the Bucs and win this week.

The Jet-Patriot rivalry is by far my favorite in the league. And even though I shouldn’t be picking against the Jets as they have been the team that has taken the majority of these matches as of late… the Jets defense (nor offense for that matter) hasn’t been up to par this year. The Patriots definitely are not a great team themselves, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Jets pull out the big guns for today’s game, but I just can’t pick against the Patriots at home… even though every ounce of me wants to root for the Patriots to lose every game.

The Falcons suck this year and are no match for the annoying Packers. Meanwhile, not too far away, the Lions will host their first Monday Night Football game in forever, and that being 4-0! The Lions will start out slow, again, but the Bears won’t find themselves that far ahead of the Lions come half time. And when the second half gets kicked off, the Lions will spurt out to a big lead and the Bears will not be able to catch up. It’s going to be a great game tomorrow night.

That’s all folks. Take care. see u.

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