NFL Week 4: Saints at Jaguars

This is the perfect trap game if there ever was one.

In the final game of the first quarter, the Saints travel down to Florida to take on the lowly Jaguars. The Jags aren’t known for much this season — they’re second-to-last in the league in points (less than 10) and dead last in passing yards per game. What they’re most known for is their tiny UCLA (*vomit*) running back Maurice Jones-Drew, who is coming off his first 100-yard game of the season.

They’re also known for cutting their veteran quarterback David Garrard just days before the start of the season. Another veteran Luke McCown took his spot during the first two weeks, but rookie Blaine Gabbert took the starting role last week. It goes without saying the Jags are screwed in that position. Thankfully, Vilma is back and that Saint defense won’t look as confused this week as they did last week against the Texans.

But the Jag defense is apparently pretty good, holding quarterbacks to under 200 yards this season. But those opponents include a confused Titans team in Week 1, Mark Sanchez’s run-first offense, and a rainy Cam Newton. Don’t expect Drew Brees to be held under 200 yards, especially with Marques Colston (who broke his collarbone just three weeks ago…) activated for today’s game. But look out for his O-line, Kreutz (center) and Streif (right tackle) are out. They’re both replaced by second years, one of whom I used to go to school with (tackle, Charles Brown).

It’s a trap game, but if the Saints keep stay focused on this game without looking ahead to next week’s division match up against the Carolina Newtons and take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather, they’ll be fine. Go Saints!

I’m tired of going 12-4. Seriously. That’s three weeks in a row now. So this week, I’m going out on a limb — I’ve picked only two home teams to win the morning games (originally I was going to pick no home team to win the early games!) I either want to get 14 wins or 6, I don’t care, so long as it’s not 12!

To start off my stupid picks, I got Cam going into a cold Chicago and cutting up that defense (4 C’s). He’s coming off a rainy game in which he didn’t throw many yards, but more importantly he threw no interceptions in a wild game. Julius Peppers and Urlacher will want to take advantage of fresh rookie meat, but I’m going out on a limb and taking the underdogs.

Dez Bryant was just announced to start in Dallas tonight, but I don’t care, the Cowboys will not have a good game. Too bad this game isn’t in prime time so the Lions can show off to the nation how good they actually are, but at least Stafford will have a nice day in the highlights against that inexperienced Cowboy defense. Romo will be as immobile as last week with quick passes and mostly runs, and the Lions defense definitely prepared for that, so watch the ‘Boys to go down in big D. Get your minds out the gutter.

I have never been a supporter of the Eagles, especially with them coming off back-to-back games in which Vick has left the game for injury. They could very easily win today (Vegas is favoring them 9.5 points…) but I’m a ‘Niner lover and feel that defense will do some damage out in Philly. But who knows, it could also end 35-10.

Rams gotta get their first win today! They’re way better than 0-3! They’re at home against the Redskins, who could only score one touchdown against the Cowboys last week. Steven Jackson is expected to start today, and the last time he started he ran the first ball of the game in for a 47-yard touchdown! They’ll get their first win today.

I’m stupid and hate the Patriots, and think the Raiders are fun. They beat the Jets last week at home, and now another AFC East opponent is coming west. Darren McFadden ran for 171 yards last week (against the second-to-last rated run defense Jets… Patriots are 10th). Patriots will still have a hard time with Run DMC, and their pass defense is just horrible. Let’s see if the Raiders can prove themselves today… it’ll be the game of the afternoon!

So those are my Week 4 picks. Let’s hope I don’t go 12-4! Enjoy the Sunday football, y’all. Take care. see u.

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  1. Armaan says:

    You really think that the Vikings are going to beat the CHIEFS!

  2. Mariana says:

    So someone I know acildentalcy knocked some Coke onto my Nikon L2 last thanksgiving and as such left me with a sticky lens and shutter doors. There is a faint spot in the lcd but other than that everything seems to work fine. Would I ruin the lens if I cleaned it with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol or do you have any suggestions on what to clean the sticky shutter doors with?Thanks!

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